The Perfidious Sloot

English Dude

I see women posting on dating sites and elsewhere asking for free meals, phone top ups, money, and even lifts back from the place where she’s just been fucking some dude from the night before.

The crazy thing is, HORDES of betas actually respond and give them it! Seriously I’ve seen their inboxes, fucking literal thousands of messages offering them free shit for nothing (well, the /hope/ they’ll put out of course).

This endless supply of supreme gentlemen, willing to drive halfway across the country to give even landwhales free shit, is turning our society on it’s head, there’s no wonder most girls are so far up their own arses. Even the most nerdiest of girls would be tempted by this whenever she feels the need, be that resources, sex or whatever else. Free supply of anything just a few keypresses away.

Wonder why none of them can cook? Well that’s because every.single.fucking.night they get some randomer to take them out for dinner, then of course they go and fuck a different bloke later lol (alpha fux, beta bux indeed). They also post their “wishlists” of clothes, sex toys, or even makeup and whatever other generic items for betas to buy for them, and they do! The fucking idiots will buy some random online girl a fantastic expensive dress and tell her she looks beautiful in it, with the full knowledge she’ll use it to go and fuck some random bloke that same night, and all they get is a picture on her social media.

Absolutely crazy, at least beforehand women used to have to rely on a small handful of blokes in their immediate vicinity, OR actually settle with a man and rely on their husband to extract their resources from. Now they have the state, and the endless supply of orbited from across the country, (or in the case of the wishlists, across the entire WORLD) willing to give them everything, for free.

They’ve always had the pick of the top 3% of men, but now it’s even more enforced. They can keep doing this well into their older years, with of course declining success, but still way more than a man will ever see.

This is why you then see so many “normal” men chasing the landwhales for scraps. The rest of the girls are all fucking the same top % of blokes, and extracting pure resources from the rest.


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