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Women shit test even when they aren’t thinking about it.

Women’s bodies BLOCK weak sperm by creating a ‘bottleneck’ in the uterus where stronger swimmers force their way through

The female reproductive tract is cleverly shaped to weed out weak sperm.

That’s the claim made by scientists at New York’s Cornell University, who say a series of ‘pinch points’ – such as a narrowing between the uterus and fallopian tubes – is the biological equivalent of an assault course.

As a result, only the strongest sperm cells can push their way through the bottleneck to reach the egg, creating a quality control process for fertilisation.


This adds further weight to the suggestion that the female body undertakes a selection process, rather than conception being random.

A shit test is basically a filter for men with alpha attitudes. Even at the level of the uterine tract, women are filtering…

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The Perfidious Sloot

Chateau Heartiste

…and her perfidious sloot friends.

To the married or engaged men in the CH audience:

How confident are you that your wife or fiancée did not suck male stripper cock at her bachelorette party?

Feeling confident? Maybe you shouldn’t.

6 Male Strippers On What Really Happens At ‘Hen Parties’

1. Roughly half of the brides-to-be at bachelorette parties had sex with me or gave me sexual favors.

I worked as “male entertainment” for a few years in college. Roughly half of the brides-to-be at bachelorette parties had sex with me or gave me sexual favors. But bridesmaids were a 100% thing; every time I’d get with a couple.

2. Cocks get sucked.

Cocks get sucked. Pretty much everything the opposite of what happens at stag parties.

3. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen bride-to-bes asking for sex at the end of the night.

Stripped through my…

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Why do women in the company of alpha males act like anxious beta males? Weimar Republican explains,

I noticed that women uniformly do this beta behavior thing that mimics beta males…if they have an alpha in their midst. They even white-knight for the alpha criminal because that same desperation (fear of lost opportunity that most men experience) uniformly sets in women even more intensely (than any lonely man could possibly experience) because having an alpha is an even rarer opportunity for a woman than for an InCel having a date with a Plain Jane is (pure numbers game: alpha criminals are few, Plain Janes are ubiquitous).

Women have an even greater affinity for alpha criminal men than any man could possibly have for any woman…because he is such a refreshing anomaly. That is why women get themselves killed so predictably on exotic ‘vacations’ to ‘discover themselves’ or from ‘domestic…

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Hackett To Bits pithily reveals a behavioral tic that indicates a woman is deeply, truly in love with a man.

Geez check out bikini chick Tatiana and her letter. Talk about trying to qualify herself to a dominant man, every sentence she writes is an apology for possibly boring him.
Let that be a reminder: never be deferential and never apologize.

Do hot chicks dig murderous jerks? You bet!

You slave and struggle to earn a keep
Give roses and vows and profess love so deep
But rarely a night do you share your sleep
with a woman who isn’t a 20 stone heap
While murderers bask in the lust of lithe sexy babes
and no effort spent to earn their unfolding labes
It all comes back to a question you evade
“What if all I am is a sexless chump to raid?”

Now let’s look at…

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Via Mencius Moldbugman, a Twatter thread on a story you won’t hear on NPR any time soon.

Go to the thread and read the whole thing. The degenerate poz has been stewing for a long time, and now it’s exploding like a gas-filled corpse.

Commenter Stoly provides the executioner’s summary,

It is the Poz and POC and diveritopia and negr0latry all in one. it is the illiad, the great gatsby of weimerica.

summary : black refugee has hiv given refugee status, becomes polish leftist, makes living accusing his new country of racism, shames women who want to use condoms of being racist, sleeps with 300 women gives at…

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All the proof anyone should need that the typical beta male can rise above his SMV station and snag a girl “out of his league” (as SMV leagues are conventionally defined (often superficially)) is seen in the ease with which the same beta who wilts under the effervescent glow of a beauty will effortlessly interact with an unattractive woman.

This contrast is so stark that one may wonder if he is observing the same man at play, or if a charming mofo doppelbänger took his place to smoothly banter with the plain jane.

The awkwardness of our intrepid beta, as he bumbles and bobbles his chance with a cutie, sweating and spazzing and spitting the lamest lines, is defied with equal verve by the smoothness in body and nimbleness of bantz he brings to casual conversations with lesser girls.

And the girls’ reactions are predictable. The cuties will shuffle their…

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