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It’s a good skill to know ASAP during a date if a girl’s interest in you is flagging, so that you can turn it around before her vaj has completely folded in on itself and disappeared into a Labiarity. The interim between inquisitive petaling vaj and inimical imploding vaj is shorter than inexperienced men realize. If you sense a perturbance in the whores, you have to move fast before their thermal intrusion ports seal up.

Most men (by definition betas) don’t lose the girl at the first meet. The stone cold approach rejection is more exception than rule in the annals of unclosed deals. Given that men don’t approach nearly as many women as they are capable of approaching, it falls on the first or second date with the few women he does manage to sufficiently pique to really test a man’s seductive prowess and ability to identify when a…

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Chateau Heartiste

Go to this link and watch the video (I can’t hotlink it here on WordPress as there is not yet an option to link up PewTube videos).

It recaps much of what I’ve previously written at this blog about the sexual nature of women, but otherwise does a good job tying those Crimson Pill truths to the currently operative hyper-virtue signaling political culture that exists among single White women and how White men have to figure out a way to stop their reckless, callow women from driving Western Civ over a cliff.

From the vid:

“The only way we are going to make White Nationalism appeal to women, is if… White Nationalism is identified with the type of masculinity that women are interested in.”

A reader says this deserves concise guidelines. That’s a tall order for what I intended to be a short blog post, but I’ll offer a few…

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Chateau Heartiste

There’s no greater arousal trigger of women’s lust than a man who challenges them to be better women. Or more interesting women.

Women love love love the thought of having to work hard to meet a man’s standards because the challenge indicates the man has dating options (which is sexy) and women like to know they are alluring to men for reasons that go beyond their faces and bodies.

I was meeting a girl at a cafe for a date. This was one of those places that has wrought-iron two-seater tables, with just enough room for a tea cup and saucer, and a slyly presented mid-conversation condom. Pro-tip: those iron cafe tables are chick crack. Girls think they’re so romantic.

I wasn’t feeling great, very tired, sad! She arrived a bit after I did, and when she settled in, she began chatting up a storm. Under the weather, I could…

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Recently, the Audacious Epigone highlighted a poll which found that, among women age 18-29 (the single White woman years), the most common preferred term of self-identification is “feminist”.

I was reminded of that poll and the data showing single White women voted overwhelmingly for thecunt (and for Gay Mulatto), single women are more xenophilic than are men,  and single White women are for open borders trash world globohomoism, when I watched this Jordan Peterson video and read the following excellent commentary from a CH reader. Note that I have already commented on the same Peterson speech, but the reader who forwarded the video, including his commentary, fleshed out my thoughts more exhaustively.


This series is amazingly good. Very long lectures, but saturated with good ideas.

This third lecture is the most recent one I have listened, and they just keep getting better.

You must listen carefully to…

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Don’t understand this. Looking for insights and explanations. Is this even true?

Screenshot-2017-11-27 Arthur Frayn (ArthurFrayn) on Gab

The Sex Issue

Aryan Skynet

Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power — Oscar Wilde

Sexual Harassment

The 1994 film Disclosure tells the story of a high powered executive, played by Demi Moore, sexually harassing her subordinate, played by Michael Douglas. Billed as an important film about a increasingly controversial subject at the time, it didn’t quite work. The reversal of the typical sex roles was intended to get viewers, especially men, to see sexual harassment in a different way, to consider, “how would you like it if it happened to you?” But the film never really rang true, because women aren’t men and men aren’t women and the sexes are not interchangeable.

The climactic scene of Moore and Douglas came across as a male fantasy, despite the attempt to portray an interaction that was somewhere between “sexual harassment” and “attempted rape.” Douglas, as a man, was never in…

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Chateau Heartiste

I’m having as big a laugh as any crimson-blooded American man over the latest sexual assault accusation against ür-shitlib feminist tribal hypocrite Al Franken, but it’s a good time to step back from the charade and examine this strange new moral panic overtaking the land as part of a larger marxist and feminist agenda to stigmatize normal male sexuality.

Pat Boyle worries about the same trend, in a comment over at Sailer’s,

I see this morning that Al Franken is the latest celebrity male to be accused of harassing some woman sometime. I hate all this because my views put me so outside the mainstream of contemporary politics but more importantly the mainstream of the community of iSteve readers.

I suspect that all this moralizing and tut-tuting about men harassing women will read like Victorian posturing’s in just a few years. Women want to be harassed. Indeed they are designed…

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