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Chateau Heartiste

On a first date (or first meet), aim to kiss the girl during the middle of the date when she’s emotionally invested and fully engaged in the outcome. Going for the kiss at the end is predictable and desperate. Going for it at the beginning is needy and awkward.

Ignore this advice if the girl is uncontrollably horny for you.

On second thought, even if it’s obvious the girl wants you inside her badly, hold off on kissing her until later in the date. Anticipation is making her wet, is keeping her waiting….she loves the man who keeps her guessing. Giving a girl what she needs means not giving her what she needs when she expects it. Delayed gratification = inflamed vaginal elation.

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Chateau Heartiste

Why does a majority of single White women support open borders? One reason: to test the mettle of their own, softening men in mortal combat with the interloper men. Another reason: the invader females of the vibrant races pouring over the US border are ugly. By comparison, average White women look like supermodels. So open borders is a relative white female SMV boost. Mass Dirt World immigration is the equivalent of “standing in good lighting” for White women all the time and everywhere.

It’s a broader application of Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism

The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.

…to include all women.

The solution to our shared single White woman problem is, of course, to turn their SMV weapon against them and advocate for open…

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Chateau Heartiste

It’s reasonable to assume porn slakes beta male thirst. The more betas get their rocks off online, the less motivated they’ll be to effortcourt live girls. A spent and sated man should, given this simple formula, behave less needfully in the company of women. His ZFG heartlight will shine, and he’ll never thirst for female attention.

Generally, this is true, but on the condition that the satiety comes in the form of real sex. Porn, as a simulacrum of real sex, may paradoxically have the opposite effect on a man’s thirstiness. Richard James explains,

Video games and porn are part of the problem. Character comes from working or waiting for whatever it is you want and I would say the broadest weakest of western man is a lack of patience. Being instantly gratified causes people to behave more desperately I’ve seen a man lose his rag at a microwaveable meal…

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Chateau Heartiste

I’ll make the brief case here that the cuntventional wisdom is wrong about porn. It doesn’t raise men’s standards in real life women by visually and orgasmically acclimating them to hotter women; it lowers men’s standards by supplying an outlet of multiple hot digiwomen into which men spill their vitality and leaves them unmotivated to spend any energy acquiring a sole fleshwoman of impeccable femininity.

Porn probably raises the aggregate beta male thirst, and probably also raises the aggregate beta male disgust threshold for acceptable mates. (The higher your disgust threshold, the more you can tolerate a disgusting presence in your life.)

The old feminist-inspired argument goes like this:

Man watches porn featuring slender babes catering to his fantasies. This adjusts his expectations upward for real life women, because he can now only get off to women who are as hot and sexually voracious as his Redtube Lovers. He…

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Chateau Heartiste

The younger, hotter, tighter a girl, the less grateful she is for male attention. She expects it, so when she gets it she’s not grateful, only slightly annoyed that yet again her expectations were met in the most dully predictable manner possible.

This is why it’s counterproductive to compliment girls when they are within the window of maximum nubility (age 15-25). Complimenting a hot babe is an automatic admission against interest; you soil your SMV relative to hers and to the men who don’t compliment her. At her hottest, her ego will never be bigger. A lifetime of poz-facilitated ego stroking will never match the natural ego tumescence she has at her fertile juiciest, when her Bartholin’s sniffy lube engorges not just labial folds but limbic folds.

Telling her in so many words or betrayals of body language that she is a scarce commodity is a tingle killer because you’re…

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Chateau Heartiste

I have a shirt that is Pure Shitlord Energy. Its pec-framed artistry is set to maximum triggering; no fatty, frump. or fug SJW can see it without shaking violently on the inside. I wore this shirt recently at an outdoor event filled with the libbiest libshits, and every SJWhale and problem glasses fishmouth snarled as I passed by them. But the hotties….woowee they smiled and loitered in my vicinity. The beauty of the shirt is in its humor. The message is in-your-face antediluvian alphatude coated with a soothingly humorous shell.

Shitcocking serves three useful purposes:

  1. It filters the noxious cunts from bang consideration
  2. It attracts the curious cuties
  3. It provokes curious cutie shit tests that allow you to demonstrate your grace under pressure

It seems the HSMV girls relish the triggering. They get a kick out of a man who triggers them; this is a stark contrast to the puritans…

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Hipster Racist

“Hipster Racist is a fictional character.”

Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever

This is advice for young white men. I knew things had changed when I walked into a bar one night and picked up three women. I would know all three of these women over the course of a year, and all three offered to have sex with me. Two were divorced moms in their 40s, both quite attractive for their age, one literally a former model. The third woman was 22. No extra points for guessing which one I actually had sex with. I nicknamed her “Little Miss Fuck and Run” because that’s what she did. She would fuck my brains out for a month, get coy and run off. Then call me up again, repeat the process. To be really honest, she was not a good person. She was selfish, manipulative, dishonest, and untrustworthy. The bitch actually…

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