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Chateau Heartiste

Commenter days of game offered the “normie” objection to female hypergamy that I’ve come across from other readers in previous posts on the topic: specifically, both sexes want the best deal they can get in the mate market, so “hypergamy” isn’t limited to one sex.

I don’t understand the manosphere’s interest in “hypergamy.” It’s the most obvious thing… girls are looking for the best opportunity. That’s not girls… that’s everyone.

And then: Eggs are expensive, sperm are cheap. Got it.

So… girls have more bargaining power, and thus… a lot of guys lose (due to low SMV)… and girls hop around (because they can)… as that egg is in demand (until it isn’t).

Why does this need a billion hours of analysis?

This particular research continues the pattern of underwhelm:

A seller with a high-demand product (her pussy), that can find more and more markets (online)… can charge a higher…

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Chateau Heartiste

Owing to its theme, I feel duty-bound to alert the CH readership to this very good post examining the interaction between technology and female hypergamy, over at a blog named Selonomics.

“Why does it appear that the vast majority of women prefer the same small group of men?”


In my model, I decided to test how simple mate selection strategies resulted in wildly different statistical distributions in each of the final selection pools.

In the simulation, men make their mate selection decisions by minimizing over the age of their prospective partners, whereas women maximize over the status of the men in their accessible vicinity.


Although the simulation results above show only the most extreme scenarios, one biased in the direction of the median man (Regulated Monogamy, or Patriarchy) and the other in the direction of the median female (Open Hypergamy), it is interesting to note that contemporary real…

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Chateau Heartiste

Commenter Randon Guy points to a comment JudgyBitch made in which she described in more detail why she left her first niceguy boyfriend who helped her through the ordeal of her broken family.

Later on in the reply to the comment section so as to further explain why she said what she said about him being too weak.

She said partly it was because she couldn’t trust herself to be a good wife for him, that his willingness to bend over would end up with her mistreating him.

To some extent it seems like she was doing it to also avoid becoming like her father/mother had been.

This is pure post hoc, ergo propter hamster rationalization. Niceguys hear this crap all the time from women — a glorified it’s not you, it’s me — and it must drive them batty. Imagine you’re the niceguy dating JudgyBitch and she dumps you…

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Chateau Heartiste

Jay in DC writes as a jerk who earned his jerkitude the hard way — by circumstance and experience instead of gifted to him by the cosmic overlord.

I unfortunately find myself walking down this same road. But I got here in an odd way. I was on the OTHER side of this equation for almost a decade. Law Enforcement and Prison were my job. The thing is, because you are dealing with literal animals all day, its adapt or die. So you get hard as fuck just like the creatures you have to “handle”.

This is also when I noticed the pussy starting to flow like mana from heaven. Couple that with already being a bit of a natural alpha and very decent looking (think young pre-insane Charlie Sheen) and yeah… I slayed vag for 2 decades straight.

In the last few years, I was on the OTHER side…

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Chateau Heartiste

Evstratios says that as a congenital jerkboy, he has never wanted for the company of cuties. Here he gives us his insider account of life in what is colloquially known as the secret society of jerkboys and the millions and millions of women who love them.

Have to chime in after only 5 or 6 years. Heartiste, can confirm. I am, one supposes, what would be considered a career ‘criminal’ although I don’t personally use that term nor do I engage in common or violent criminality. I generally have just lived outside of the unjust laws due to personal proclivity and so I consider myself an outlaw. Not American, although I’ve had a grand jury indictment in New York state. Several situations reaching national and international news kind of thing, high risk high reward. Regardless, few years in the pen and in january I have to go back for another…

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Chateau Heartiste

It’s a good skill to know ASAP during a date if a girl’s interest in you is flagging, so that you can turn it around before her vaj has completely folded in on itself and disappeared into a Labiarity. The interim between inquisitive petaling vaj and inimical imploding vaj is shorter than inexperienced men realize. If you sense a perturbance in the whores, you have to move fast before their thermal intrusion ports seal up.

Most men (by definition betas) don’t lose the girl at the first meet. The stone cold approach rejection is more exception than rule in the annals of unclosed deals. Given that men don’t approach nearly as many women as they are capable of approaching, it falls on the first or second date with the few women he does manage to sufficiently pique to really test a man’s seductive prowess and ability to identify when a…

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